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Sustain the health and beauty of your landscape through the hands of professional horticulturalists.

Garden Maintenance Site Visit and Planning

Garden Maintenance Site Visit and Planning

During your initial landscape consultation, we will create a plan for your garden maintenance needs for trees, shrubs, perennial plants, annual displays, and turfgrass. Our fine gardening services include pruning for size, structural integrity, restoration, and beauty; weeding and deadheading; seasonal cut backs and spring and fall bed clean-up. Weeds and leaves will be hand removed from the beds. Weed control using recommended organic methods will be used when possible. Pathways will be blown and cleared of debris at the finish of completed work on day of service.

Arrowwood Landscape Design Garden Resoration

Garden Restoration 

Unfortunately, horticulturally incorrect practices are commonplace in our industry. We work to restore a garden that has suffered from neglect and poor care. This may include the removal of excess mulch, pruning and thinning from overgrowth and years of shearing, and sometimes replacing plants and renovating beds to fit the size, style, setting of the garden.

Arrowwood Landscape’s Fine Gardening team offers pruning, deadheading, plant health care

Perennial and Seasonal Color

Arrowwood Landscape’s Fine Gardening team offers pruning, deadheading, plant health care for your existing perennials, ground covers, and vines. We are also able to recommend designs and plant lists if you choose to either replace or add to the perennials in your garden or landscape. Perennials are an essential part of any beautiful landscape, and we have the expertise to ensure they remain healthy and beautiful.

Arrowwood Landscape also plants annual displays in coordination with client desires, taste, and times of the year.

Spring and Fall Clean ups

Spring and Fall Clean-Ups

Spring Clean-up (March-May) includes a light pruning of appropriate shrubs and perennials, spring divisions, removal of plant debris, edging of garden beds, and removal of excess mulch, detritus, and debris. A pre-emergent herbicide is also applied to prevent an abundance of weeds from growing. After the clean-up is completed, garden beds are mulched with triple shredded hardwood bark mulch.

Fall/Winter Clean-Up (December-February) Trees and shrubs are pruned while dormant for the winter for best results. Perennials are cleaned up and cut back. Bulbs are planted for spring color. Leaves and other debris are cleaned up and removed.


Turf Care

We create a fertilization and weed control program tailor-made for your property’s needs. This is achieved in a seven step process that always starts with a comprehensive soil test. Great turfgrass starts with great soil. The soil test helps us to diagnose problems and create a correction/management plan unique to each property.

Lawn renovations are also offered for lawns with severely malnourished and mismanaged soils and turfgrass.


Request an

Our landscape and design consultation will help give you the clarity you need to move forward toward achieving your ideal outdoor space.

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